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Use the HealthStep®    Feel the results.

The patent-pending HealthStep® by Ginacor is the simple, profound solution for achieving complete elimination. Complete elimination means less bloating, and relief from constipation and hemorrhoids.

The HealthStep® is a registered FDA 510K exempt medical device that when used with your toilet allows you to easily achieve the squat position to eliminate waste.

Doctor recommended, Doctor approved.

The HealthStep® is more than just a device to elevate your feet while using the toilet. The patent-pending HealthStep® design has been carefully engineered based on the anatomical structure of the human body, specifically the pelvis, the digestive tract, the colon and the legs, hips and feet. The footpads are at the precise angle for your body to be in perfect alignment for complete and total elimination.

Eliminating waste is your bodies biggest challenge. Proper and complete elimination equals vitality, health and beauty.

Feel Healthy.    Feel Clean.


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